Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doing well and enjoying the MTC

Scott has written several letters and is doing well. The language is coming along nicely and Scott is beginning to think in Spanish. Pretty amazing when you consider only a week of training! Scott said the spirit of God is helping him learn the language. He is truly on fire and influenced by the Lord's presence in his life.

His letter express excitement for the work and the MTC. He particularly enjoys the referral center loaded with computers and interested people from the "outside". Scott has now expressed interest in attending BYU when he returns and wants to work in the referral center.

Life in the MTC is very busy with little time to write letters. Scott said the accommodations are OK but the pillows are flat as a "piece of paper" and the blankets are "very short". He asked for snacks, his electric shaver, stamps, black pants and his bronco blanket. We sent them and wow does the post office make money!

All in all Scott is doing well, excited and happy! What more can we ask?

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