Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scott Enters the MTC October 8th!

On October 8th Scott entered the MTC in Provo with 320 other newbies. It was an emotional day with plenty of tear and full hearts. Thanks to Stephanie Garcia's willingness to watch Shawn and Cami's children, Annie and Ethan, they were able to participate in the orientation session with Mom and Dad. Afterward's Shawn said it was harder to be on this side of the fence comparing this day to when he entered the MTC "back in the day" as Scott would say. Cami agreed and it was great to have her beautiful spirit with us as well.

Here is Shawn & Cami's Ethan 18 months old
wanting to Drive Scott to the MTC!

Here is Annie rolling in the grass while Ethan
plays with the balls. Different than night n day.