Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scott's Letters Home-Memorable Comments #2

October 14, 2008

Mom & Dad - So its 5:45 am and Im doing laundry, ugh, it’s so early! Oh well. Ya, so its p-day today and Im excited! Oh, before I forget.... I hate to ask anything of you but can you send me the following: Food or snacks (ha-ha), a thick pillow (the pillows here are like as thin as a piece of paper), more black pants-just plain, a package of stamps (I ran out yesterday!), My electronic shaver (Its a pain to use cream every day!), Last thing; my Broncos blanket (the blankets here are small, really small!) THANK YOU! Gracias!

The spirit is so strong here! It’s Fabuluso! Its been a great experience! Although the day after I came, (my first full day!) I didn't know if I could make it. But then our district got closer and closer and we drew from each other and this really helped! I went to choir and it was REALLY fun! We sang "BE STILL MY SOUL". It is a great song to sing and has lots of deep meaning for me. I also had the wonderful opportunity to working the R.C. (Referral Center). What an amazing place! If I get accepted to BYU I am going to teach and work there ALL THE TIME! The building consists of tons of computers and if you go onto there are prompts all over that say, "CHAT NOW" or "CALL IN". It’s a wonderful place for interested people to come and see our basic beliefs. It’s amazing! You can chat through txt message on computer or phone. I am working there today! Im so excited!

I can no longer pray in English! I know now how its possible to learn a language in just 9 weeks...THE SPIRIT and the willingness to learn! The language is coming along very nicely! So that's not a problem and the lessons are also coming along!

And yes, I usually get the letters the day u send them! Technically I'm only supposed to write on p-day but I have a lot of letters to write so for now I write them in bed under the covers with a flashlight! Ha-ha. So until next time!
Love Ya,

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hey guys thats a nice pic of me and my comp haha...ya we are a little different in looks haha but..!esta bien!