Friday, January 2, 2009

President & Sister Heyn

Scott with his Mission President and his wife; President Robert H. Heyn and Sister Yolanda Heyn. The Heyn's sent us this picture and a nice letter which stated, "Thank you for allowing us the privilege of having your son here in the mission...............We have had the opportunity to get to know your son and we can feel his enthusiasm and eagerness to serve our Father in Heaven. We wish to express our love an appreciation for the support that you give your son while he is serving among the children of God............The next two years will be unforgettable and full of opportunities to help him grow and bring himself closer to the Savior, Jesus Christ."


"the field is white already to harvest..." said...

Scott, you look fantastic and in good hands!

Scott Porter said...

God speed brother! Keep up the good and glorious (for him of course)work of the Lord.
che, no hablo espanol